Guests are required to respect the following rules:

• Access is allowed only to guests of the farmhouse.

• You can access the swimming pool at the following times: 10.00 - 19.00

• It is forbidden for children under 14 and disabled guests to enter the swimming pool unaccompanied, given the absence of the bathing assistant.

• The depth of the pool is 1.00 meters near the staircase and 1.60 meters in the remaining pool.

• Diving is not allowed (even from the poolside) and running on the pool surface is prohibited.

• The use of headphones is mandatory.

• It is recommended not to get wet less than three hours after eating a meal.

• It is forbidden to smoke and consume food or drinks on the tub and in the changing rooms

• It is compulsory to disinfect your feet and take a shower before entering the water.

• A changing room with toilets is available near the tub floor.

• Freediving activities are prohibited without the presence of a qualified instructor.

• It is forbidden to bring animals. It is forbidden to introduce balls, balls, tennis rackets and any other sports accessory. It is forbidden to play games or dangerous or disturbing exercises to other swimmers

• It is forbidden to use sunscreen and hair oils before entering the tub.

• It is forbidden to bring bottles, glass objects and other objects not strictly related to bathing into the pool

• The Management reserves the right to close the pool in the event of maintenance, bad weather or situations that can be considered risky for the health and safety of bathers.

• Persons in an altered psychophysical state (intoxication, alterations from drugs, etc.) or even in evident precarious health conditions, such as to represent a risk to the safety of the subject himself, are prohibited.

• The management is not responsible in any way for any accidents, injuries or other things that may occur to bathers for behavior attributable to them, especially if in violation of this regulation.

• For children under 3 years of age, as well as for physiologically incontinent users, the use of special containment costumes is mandatory.

• All pool equipment must be used with care and attention. Any damage caused must be compensated.

In compliance with the provisions of the Tuscany Region, the Management declines any responsibility for the consequences deriving from the non-observance of this regulation or from the recommendations of the staff.